Tips For Making the Most Of Your Time With your Children Post-Divorce

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyAfter the divorce dust settles and custody issues are worked out, many people find themselves sharing custody of their children with the other party. This usually works out to a shared schedule or allotted time when the kids stay with you vs when they stay with the other parent. 

This type of arrangement is often favored by the courts and they’ll strive to give both parents equal opportunity to spend time with the kids in favor of promoting the child’s interests. While this approach often leads to positive outcomes in the long-term, adjusting takes time and can be quite a challenging process.

To help in this area, we’ve compiled a few tips to consider when navigating shared custody. Specifically, we’re discussing ways for you to ensure that you’re making the most of your allotted time with your kids. 

Encourage a Regular Routine

Despite any parent’s best efforts, it’s hard for children to adapt to the changes that come with post-divorce life. After all, their entire world has been upheaved, and many kids may feel anxious about their future. One of the best ways to help mitigate these anxieties is to stick to a regular routine as much as possible. Consistency in schedules can help provide your kids with a source of stability and comfort despite any major life changes.

Focus On Your Children and Their Needs

It’s hard for people to forget the resentment, sadness, or bitterness that they may feel towards the other party. However, it’s critical to remember that these and other negative emotions or actions can hurt your relationship with your children. 

When spending time with your kids, make sure that they are the absolute focus. Keep their needs and happiness in the forefront of your mind and try to get them excited about the future. Some ways to do that might include getting more involved with their hobbies, asking them what short-term and long-term goals they may have, planning short vacations, and more. 

Communicate and Collaborate with the Other Parent

While the focus should be on the kids, it’s just as important to foster a good or at least functional relationship with the other parent. For better or for worse, you are now a team when it comes to co-parent or shared custody obligations. Part of keeping that focus on the kids involves ensuring that you have an open line of communication with the other parent so that you can coordinate or plan accordingly. Furthermore, it has been shown that kids whose parents have a decent relationship even post-divorce benefit significantly from this collaboration.

Contact an Experienced Family Law Attorney if You Have Questions

These are just some pointers that can hopefully make your shared custody and co-parenting efforts a bit more effective as well as conducive to everyone’s best interests. That said, family law matters are fairly a cut-and-dry affair and there are times where disputes may arise. 

If you are dealing with any complications in your CA divorce, custody dispute, or any other matter relating to family law in CA, don’t delay in reaching out to a qualified expert. Our attorneys at White Oak Law are standing by to answer all your questions and can help guide you through any specific issues you may have.

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