Legal Separation Attorney, Pleasanton, CA

Couples that are struggling to resolve their arguments have options other than traditional divorce proceedings. One of these options is legal separation, which lets a couple act independently and move away from each other without formally ending the marriage. This gives each individual time to consider whether they want to proceed with a divorce, or opt to end the legal separation instead.

If legal separation is an option that you wish to explore, a legal separation attorney in California can provide you with the answers that you need. Be sure to contact the White Oak Law. An experienced family law attorney, he can help you navigate these types of legal proceedings and pinpoint the route that best fits your needs.

Why Opt for Legal Separation?

There are many reasons as to why couples choose to proceed with legal separation above other options. The primary reasons often include the following:

  • Legal separation is not permanent, unlike a divorce
  • It serves as a “trial period” before couples proceed to choose their next move
  • Depending on the circumstances, it can afford certain health insurance or tax benefits
  • Religious reasons often make legal separation a favorable option for many

Regardless of the specifics at hand, you should consult with a skilled legal separation attorney. The White Oak Law can help.

Looking For Assistance With Legal Separation?

If you want to initiate proceedings for legal separation, the first order of business is to contact a legal separation attorney in California. At the White Oak Law, we provide superior legal services in all matters relating to family law. Our commitment to excellence ensures that you get the legal representation that you deserve.

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