Uncontested Divorce Attorney, Pleasanton, CA

In those instances where two individuals have mutually and amicably agreed to proceed with a divorce, opting for a “do it yourself” approach might seem like an attractive idea. But although this idea isn’t without merit, a divorce is still an important legal process that could have long-lasting implications on your life.

This is why many attorneys, such as the professionals at the White Oak Law, offer options that keep it simple and provide the low costs that you seek. We offer unmatched legal guidance as we provide you with our consulting and document preparation assistance. If you are looking to proceed with an uncontested divorce in and around Pleasanton, CA, do not hesitate to contact us at (925) 271-0999.

Keeping Things Simple

A self-guided approach comes with the potential to save you money, but it also carries risks that could spiral out of control. Remember that the laws differs in each state, and each case comes with its own set of circumstances. Failing to file all paperwork correctly, creating potential for a denial due to technical grounds, and unexpected disagreements all could prove to cost much more than anything you might have saved by choosing to handle your case solo.

At the White Oak Law, we offer experienced counsel in a simplified package, which provides you with affordable services that protect your interests at all costs. Our simple approach to uncontested divorces includes:

  • An initial consultation with a skilled attorney who helps you determine the next steps in the process and the best course of action based on your circumstances
  • Document preparation, where our professionals comb through every detail of documentation and prepare/file on your behalf

To learn more about our simple uncontested divorce offerings, do not hesitate to contact the White Oak Law. You can reach us at (925) 271-0999 to learn more about how we can help you with all your matters relating to divorce and family law in and around Pleasanton, CA.