High Net Worth Divorce Attorney, Pleasanton, CA

Divorce is especially complicated when it involves parties who have a high net worth and possess complex estates. This makes the division of assets particularly challenging, and evaluating the monetary worth of each asset is not an easy task. This further gets complicated when you take offshore or foreign assets into account.

We at the White Oak Law are well-versed in divorce matters that involve high net worth and complicated estates, including those which are located offshore or out of the country. Our experience with these types of matters helps us provide our clients with an advantage as we fight to protect their interests and help them reach a positive resolution.

Valuing And Dividing High Net Worth Estates

Our seasoned attorney are knowledgeable about a variety of matters involving business management, division of assets, and other financial issues that helps them locate and value foreign assets. This includes:

  • Publicly and privately held companies
  • Stock options
  • Employee benefit plans
  • Pensions, severance packages, and retirement accounts
  • Domestic and foreign real estate
  • Professional practices and partnerships
  • Trusts
  • Life insurance policies and proceeds
  • Patents and other intellectual property

We Are Equipped to Handle Challenging Asset Division

Whether you are the high net worth individual, or a spouse who is on a lower income bracket, it is crucial that you retain the assistance of a skilled attorney. We at the White Oak Law are qualified to assist you with all matters relating to your divorce, including a detailed inventory of assets such as retirement accounts and other hard-to-quantify assets. We take the time to explore your legal options with you and guide your negotiations in a manner that protects your interests above all.

Some assets can be difficult to evaluate and divide accordingly. These can include stock options and retirement assets, as well as pensions, severance packages, commingled or hidden assets, and more. Rely on experienced legal expert to help you navigate all your complex asset division matters in Pleasanton, CA.

Child Support and Spousal Support/Alimony

Child support and spousal support/contractual alimony quickly become complicated topics when dealing with high net worth divorce. If you want to ensure that your interests are protected during every step of the way, you need to have these matters addressed by a qualified family law attorney.

Need a High Net Worth Divorce Attorney in CA?

We at the White Oak Law have the experience, know-how, and legal prowess that you need when facing complex family law matters in California. When it comes to the division of assets, as well as to all matters involving family law in Pleasanton, CA, rely on the seasoned attorney at the White Oak Law.

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