Can Child Support Payments Be Modified in California?

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyDivorce often puts financial strain on one or both parties involved, especially when child support is part of the financial agreement. On top of this, life circumstances may eventually change, leaving some parents in a difficult financial situation wondering how they will hold up their end of the agreement to make sure their child is taken care of.

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Splitting Child Custody During the Holidays

Pleasanton CA child supportNow that we are in the home stretch of 2020 and entering into the holiday season, it can be a stressful time of year, and especially stressful for divorced couples who share custody of their child(ren). Regular child custody schedules are something that must be solidified before a divorce is finalized, but holiday custody schedules are a different story.

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Tips for Documenting and Gathering Evidence of Abuse

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyAbuse in a marriage can come in many forms. It can range from physical to financial or sexual, and can include behaviors that impact the mental or emotional well-being of a person. It’s especially challenging for a person to stand up against a spouse or walk away from them and can take tremendous willpower.

Whether someone is currently enduring abuse from his/her spouse, or has walked away from the marriage and is looking to get a divorce, having evidence of this abuse is essential. Given its multifaceted nature, it can be worth gathering different types of evidence. For today’s discussion, we’re looking at ways one can document and gather evidence of abuse.

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