Unmarried California Couples: What Legal Rights Do They Have?

Pleasanton CA famiy lawIn CA, unmarried couples who live together are defined under the category of cohabitation. There’s no common law marriage in the state, which means that the legal rights of co-habitating couples vary significantly from those of married couples.

Today, we want to talk about the legal specifics of how unmarried cohabitating couples operate under family law in CA. Note that this differs from a domestic partnership, where a couple formally applies and are awarded similar benefits to those enjoyed by married couples.

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A Review of Visitation Orders in CA

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyWhile divorce can bring relief and a sense of turning over a new leaf, things aren’t as streamlined when there are children involved. As the divorce process moves to its conclusion, parents have to determine who the child is going to live with, as well as hammer out a visitation schedule that works for both parents. 

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