Ask a California Divorce Attorney: Keeping the Details of Your Divorce Private

Divorce is a challenging matter as-is, and it is only made worse by the Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyprospect that your private marital affairs are going to become public. Nobody wants their private matters to become inspiration for gossip, and we at the White Oak Law understand that privacy is a top concern for many clients.

Fortunately, there’s a few options worth exploring, primarily those that can be achieved via mediation. This post goes over the ways in which litigation exposes your affairs to the public eye, and how you can rely on mediation to mitigate these risks.

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Child Custody Can be Impacted by a Busy Work Schedule

Pleasanton CA family law attorneyThese days, people find themselves working more and more to ensure success in their career. In addition, having a “side hustle” is only becoming more and more common as the cost of living continues to skyrocket. While a busy work schedule is a great way to help you maintain financial stability and ensure continued professional growth, the unfortunate reality is that family law courts might not view your dedication to work quite so favorably.

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Dispelling Myths about Domestic Violence

Pleasanton CA family law attorneyDomestic violence is a pressing issue across all of California, one that we’ve decided to take some time and discuss in our latest blog post. Tragically, instances of domestic abuse are largely underreported, which means that the problem is less visible and difficult to combat.

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