Recent Study Suggests Link Between Cohabitation and Increased Divorce Rates

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyFor this post, we’re taking a second look at a bit of conventional “wisdom” that has been passed around in recent years. These days, many couples opt to cohabit together before they get married. The idea is that this helps couples feel out whether they are compatible, making marriage a smoother transition. Premarital cohabitation is a popular practice, giving weight to the idea that this approach is effective.

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Ask A CA Family Law Attorney: Child Custody and Felons

Pleasanton CA child custodyThose who are convicted of a felony in CA can expect to face a variety of life-long consequences in regards to employment, eligibility for federal aid, housing, and more. However, many people ask about one other area that isn’t always so clear: child custody, visitation, and other family law matters. In other words, are felons able to retain child custody and visitation rights?

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