How the Pandemic Continues to Increase to Marital Struggles Across the US

family law adviceThe COVID-19 pandemic is still not yet behind us, though we’re now seeing a relaxation of restrictions across the country and the globe. As many pandemics do, this one came with many surges, peaks, and valleys.

Divorce rates increased across the board during the pandemic, but the ebb and flow of these surges influenced the number of divorces month to month. As restrictions loosen, we’re seeing a small decrease in the number of divorces. 

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Spousal Abandonment in CA Family Law

Pleasanton CA famiy lawMost people who want to leave a marriage will initiate the process via a formal divorce, but others take a more passive approach. When someone simply walks away from his or her marriage and related commitments, this is known as spousal abandonment. This can happen in a variety of ways, whether a person “vanished” or is just refusing to acknowledge his/her spouse and children or offer them any support. 

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