Stay at Home Dads and Spousal Support in California

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyOnce a divorce is finalized, both parties are likely to find themselves in a very different financial situation. The outcome of the divorce proceedings will likely play a huge part in shaping this post-divorce landscape. By then, the family law courts will have worked out how to divide all assets and debts between both parties. Furthermore, they’ll usually assign any spousal or child support obligations to one party as required. 

This can place a lot of pressure on a stay-at-home parent, especially since many people assume that the family law courts aren’t as keen to grant dads spousal support. Today, we’re examining this issue a bit closer and discussing when and how a stay at home dad can expect to qualify for spousal support in CA.

Can Stay At Home Dads Qualify for Spousal Support in CA?

Given that stay at home dads may have compromised on their career growth or work experience to focus on the obligations at home, landing back on their feet can be a challenge. Fortunately, the family law code in California is gender-neutral. This means that either stay at home moms or dads can and often do qualify for spousal support. 

The specific amount and length of time for which they can expect to receive the support varies significantly from case to case. This is because those amounts are influenced by many variables such as the length of the marriage, assets owned by each party, their current and future earning ability, their financial or custodial obligations to their children, and more. 

Many stay at home dads often report feeling ashamed or embarrassed for asking for or wanting spousal support. This mindset is both incorrect and harmful, as the family laws have been written this way for a reason and they are entitled to that financial support.

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