Navigating Alimony Disputes and Negotiations in a California Divorce

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyIf you’re going through a divorce in California, you may be dealing with questions or disputes centering around alimony. As each party moves onto their newly-single life, the family law courts will often mandate that one person pay the other with a specific amount of money. This payment is designed to ensure that the person is able to maintain their current standard of living while they get on their feet. 

Alimony generally ends after a certain period of time, and permanent settlements or arrangements are actually very rare. That said, it’s still important to ensure that this payment is reasonable and fair for both parties.

Today, we’re looking at tips that you should consider when walking into alimony disputes or negotiations in California.

Approach Negotiations with an Open Mind

One of the most important tips we can offer is a reminder that you should be prepared to compromise. Negotiations are designed to help both parties reach a mutually satisfactory outcome, which means you can’t walk into these with the expectation that you’ll walk out with a total win. Being collaborative and open minded is much more conducive to getting you a good outcome. 

Don’t Settle For the Initial Offer

That being said, you’ll want to remain vigilant and scrutinize all offers or terms that are given with a close eye. For example, it’s common for the first offer to be unreasonable or unfair. Many attorneys will use this as a negotiation tactic on behalf of their client, as this allows them plenty of wiggle room to get you to agree to a favorable outcome. 

Consider Any Assets That Will be Divided

Remember that finances include more than just straight payments. If you’re parting with certain valuables and letting the other party keep them, make sure that this is accounted for during negotiations. These assets ultimately improve the financial standing of the other party, which should be considered when both parties are working to find that ideal middle ground.

Consult With a Reputable CA Divorce Attorney

Simply put, the likelihood of getting a better outcome is increased when you have a professional, qualified negotiator on your side. A family law attorney not only fights on your behalf during key alimony discussions, but they can also guide you through any other aspect or potential complication during your CA divorce. 

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