Why is Legal Assistance so Important During a California Divorce?

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyCalifornia divorces are complex proceedings, and every situation carries its own unique variables. Most people are naturally concerned about how much time and money they can expect to lose during their CA divorce, which tempts some folks to cut corners where possible. Especially in straightforward divorces where people don’t expect complications, many folks may be tempted to proceed without investing in an attorney. 

This is actually one of the costliest mistakes that you could make as you prep for the upcoming proceedings. This post illustrates why you absolutely should hire an attorney when dealing with divorce, or with any other family law issue for that matter, in California. 

How a Divorce Attorney Helps You With Prep and Initial Steps

From the onset, you’re likely to have a lot of questions about issues such as child support, child custody, potential alimony, and the divorce process itself. This uncertainty can add a lot of stress to an already difficult time, which can make it difficult for you to think clearly. With an attorney on your side from the very beginning, you’ll have a reliable source of information based on years or even decades of on-the-ground experience. 

Just as importantly, California has very specific procedures and laws when it comes to how you should initiate your CA divorce. Having the counsel of an attorney during the early steps is essential in ensuring that all forms are filed accurately, and that you’re fully prepared with everything you need for each and every phase of your CA divorce.

Qualified CA Divorce Attorneys Have a Deep Understanding of Family Law

Depending on the type of divorce you proceed with, there are many different rules and regulations regarding how the process will play out. This applies to each step, including any custody hearings, the complex asset division process where finances and property are split, any negotiations regarding alimony or child support payments, and more. 

The amount and complexity of all related laws, especially in relation to your specific circumstances, can be overwhelming. Given how much is at risk, you need a professional guide with in-depth knowledge of the complex CA family law code. An attorney is able to provide you with the expertise and strategic guidance that you need to protect your interests during your CA divorce.

Your CA Divorce Attorney is Dedicated to Your Cause From Beginning to End

Here’s what may be the biggest reason for which you need a CA divorce attorney: your ex is sure to bring one of their own along for your proceedings. Without a dedicated legal advisor that looks out for your and your interests alone, you’ll find yourself at a major disadvantage. Even if you’ve come to an agreement or are looking to mediate rather than debate, you should always have your own legal counsel. No matter what they say or promise, remember that their attorney is only obligated to look out for the ex’s interests and not your own.

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