Main Causes for Major Disputes During Your CA Divorce

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyWhen it comes to divorce, there are tons of matters and potential issues to deal with before things are finalized. Depending on your marriage and specific circumstances, some of these potential issues might be quickly smoothed out, and others could lead to lengthy, drawn-out disputes.

Proper preparation is key in helping ensure things run as smoothly as possible, and it’s important to know what potential roadblocks to expect. Today, we’re taking a look at matters which are more likely to be contested or disputed during standard divorce proceedings in CA.

Custody Arrangements and Disagreements

When kids are involved, it’s common for parents to disagree exactly on how custody should be arranged or divided. In some cases, one or both parties consider the other to be unfit to parent entirely. These disagreements can quickly turn into major obstacles particularly when you consider that emotions are likely to run high. 

Both parents should always try to prioritize what’s best for the kids above themselves. This isn’t always realistic when one or both parents are looking for a conflict or don’t see eye to eye.

Property and Asset Division

Splitting up the family finances can be complicated, especially if there are lots of assets or investments involved. Things can be expedited when both parties are willing to negotiate, but not everyone is willing to be as flexible. You may want to prepare for a drawn out fight, especially if you think the ex is capable of underhanded tactics such as trying to blow through shared assets before divorce proceedings, or concealing assets in order to keep more of the lion’s share. 

Child or Spousal Support Arrangements

In addition to custody or living arrangements, there may be disagreements regarding how much money one party ought to pay the other for continued spousal or child support. No one wants to be left with a hefty post-divorce “bill” so to speak, and people will debate fiercely and try everything to reduce or minimize any potential support payments. 

Consult with a Qualified Family Law Attorney

These are all examples of how a disagreement or dispute can turn into a major battle. Most divorce arguments center on these areas, but know that anything could spark a contested fight. This is why it is pivotal that you have a dedicated attorney on your side, someone who fights for your rights from beginning to end of your family law matter.

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