Dressing For Your Divorce or Family Law Hearing in CA

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyFamily law hearings and divorce proceedings in California are involved and stressful affairs. The future of yourself, as well as your loved ones, hangs in the balance and it’s important that you prepare from every angle. We often discuss specific areas relating to family law in CA, but it’s just as important to cover adjacent and equally important topics involving divorce prep. 

One of the biggest and easiest things you can work on is the manner in which you present yourself during your family law proceedings. Appearances matter in court, and dressing appropriately is a must when stepping into a family law courtroom in CA.

Dressing Appropriately Matters in Family Law Court

Some people aren’t concerned with decorum and don’t see the point in dressing appropriately and sharply for court. Unfortunately, this attitude can put someone at a serious disadvantage. Choosing to dress inappropriately is perceived as a deliberate choice that reflects upon you as a person. It can demonstrate that you are unprepared or disorganized, or could even give others the impression that you’re not taking the hearing or involved matters seriously. This can turn the tables against you and give the other party the upper hand in matters relating to custody, spousal support, and any other areas of your divorce that may be contested. 

General Guidelines to Keep in Mind

So how exactly should one dress for a California family law court? Here are some general guidelines to follow:

Dress professionally and in a reserved manner: You’ll want to dress sharply but conservatively, and in business attire to demonstrate that you understand this is a formal, important event. This can include suits or blazers, as well as professional skirts, blouses, or dresses. For footwear, avoid open-toed shoes, sneakers, crocs, or anything that might be seen as too “sloppy.”

Ensure you are well-groomed and clean: For the big day, make sure you shower, comb your hair, brush your teeth, and present yourself as best as possible. Make sure your clothes are pressed, clean, and in good condition as well. 

Keep it light on jewelry and other accessories: You don’t want to call too much attention to your appearance so consider keeping your jewelry or other accessories to a minimum. Remove any piercings that might distract and stick to the basics such as a pair of earrings.

Talk to a Family Law Attorney Today to Learn More

As you can see from these guidelines, it isn’t difficult to account for your clothes and appearance. However, it can make a world of difference so be sure to take the time and prepare properly for your CA divorce. 

In addition to your wardrobe, another key element to account for is ensuring that you have adequate legal representation. A skilled family lawyer on your side can help protect you and your interests during these uncertain times. 

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