Avoid These Tactics When Fighting For Child Custody in CA

Pleasanton CA famiy lawAs you navigate your divorce in California, you have to consider several key facets, including your financial future, the living arrangements for you and your children, and custody issues. The worst part for many is that they have to navigate these issues while under tremendous stress from the divorce itself. 

This can have the unfortunate effect where, in an attempt to protect themselves, a parent actually sabotages themselves in regards to their potential divorce outcome. While this is a broad topic, we wanted to narrow this discussion down to custody issues. 

For today’s post, we’re looking at tactics and actions that you should avoid when dealing with custody issues in CA, as they are more likely to sabotage you than to help your cause.

Don’t Take Charge of Parental Decisions Without Including the Other Parent

As your life rapidly changes, you may be tempted to make big moves and “get ahead” of planning the next steps of your life. This isn’t a bad idea by itself, but be careful about any decisions involving the custody of the child. Opting to change their school, move to another city or state with them, or make other major decisions without checking in with the other parent will hurt your cause in court as it shows that you cannot work with the other parent even post-divorce.

Don’t Insist on Sole Custody When Joint Custody is Viable

Similarly, it’s not common for parents to want sole custody after an ugly divorce. However, if there isn’t a truly warranted reason for a parent to have sole custody, this can reflect poorly on you as the state of CA values the involvement of both parents when possible. This can show the court that you are more focused on your feelings or resentment rather than on moving forward and providing a healthy path for your child to walk.

Don’t Show Spite to the Ex or Other Involved Members

This one is possibly the hardest for many to avoid – never bad mouth the other parent, any new partners they may have, or any other involved relative in front of the child, involved parties, or to the court system. You really have to watch what you say and do, as the opposing counsel will take any chance to highlight any mistakes you’ve made in order to gain favor with the courts. Plus, you run the risk of placing the child in an unfair and uncomfortable position as they may feel they have to pick a side.

Do Talk to a Family Law Attorney Today

If you’re worried or anxious about an upcoming custody hearing or case, one of the best moves you can make is consult with a qualified family law attorney. An experienced professional will take the time to learn your case and its specific nuances, and offer you tailored advice specific to your case.

Our attorneys at the White Oak Law have decades of combined experience when it comes to custody cases in CA. They tap into this breadth of expertise to offer strategic guidance no matter what factors are at play. Get started with a quick intro where you can speak with one of our qualified attorneys by calling us at  925-271-0999 today. Reach out to our offices at the White Oak Law to book your initial appointment at your earliest convenience.