How AI Technology is Creating Additional Complications for CA Divorces in 2023

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyThe current emerging and disrupting technology is unarguably artificial intelligence. The rapid advancement of the technology has already impacted nearly every industry significantly, with massive restructurings and reorgs happening as companies work to rapidly adapt to this new landscape. Now, we’re seeing the “threat” of AI seep into family law proceedings. 

As if divorcing parties in CA didn’t have enough to worry about, it turns out that artificial intelligence is introducing its own wrenches to some folks’ divorce proceedings. Today, we’re discussing how this emergent technology could pose a risk to your very own divorce or family law cases. We’re also offering a few tips that could help you stay safer when surfing and participating in social media during such a tumultuous time.

AI Can be Used to Fabricate “Evidence”

One of the main ways that people are weaponizing AI during their divorce case is by having it create fake texts, communications, and even photographs. For example, there’s been instances where someone uses AI-generated photos of another person acting out in a violent way in order to enforce their assertion of domestic violence. Other common uses for AI include having it fabricate seemingly real-sounding conversations between both parties and modifying screenshots to give it the appearance of an authentic conversation. 

While the courts are likely to deem these as fake, they still have to hear the case and process the “evidence.” Of course, fabricating evidence is a serious offense in and of itself but it hasn’t stopped people from using it to completely derail or complicate ongoing divorce proceedings. 

General Tips for Navigating Social Media in 2023

Unfortunately, there isn’t a sure-fire way to mitigate the risk of AI being used against you during your family law case. However, there are some common-sense tips that you should always practice to mitigate your risks. Some of these include:

  • Be cognizant of what you post to social media and ask yourself if it’s something you want the courts to see. 
  • Do not make hostile or aggressive posts or comments, especially to the other party or anyone involved in your divorce or family law case. 
  • Avoid updating your relationship status or flaunting any new partners on social media before your case has resolved.
  • Avoid making any posts or uploading any content whenever you’re feeling angry, upset, unhappy, or otherwise in a heightened emotional state. This also applies to being intoxicated on any substance. 
  • Double and triple check your privacy settings to confirm that they are configured correctly. 

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As this post highlights, the threat of AI technology and general internet/social media platforms can be very real during your CA divorce. When it comes to such complex issues with a large set of variables, experience and knowledge of family law in CA are a must. 

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