Getting Divorced Under 30? What You Need to Know

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyFor many people who get divorced before hitting 30, they can feel like they’re in an especially unusual situation. After all, no one plans to see their marriage end so quickly and most people hope to get married for the long haul. Having this type of outcome quickly can be a strong emotional blow, though it’s worth noting that there are some advantages to this scenario. As with anything, there are also unique challenges to consider. 

For today, we’re taking a deeper look at this issue. Here’s some of the the advantages and disadvantages you can expect to experience if you’re getting or planning for an upcoming divorce in your 20’s. 

Pros of Getting Divorced at a Young Age

The good news is that your life is not over and many people either remarry or go on to have more fulfilling and satisfying lives regardless of their early divorce!  As demoralizing as an early divorce can be, it’s worth focusing on the positives. For one, most younger marriages don’t have nearly as many child custody disputes or spousal support complications as older, more established marriages. In many cases, there aren’t any children to consider and asset division is often a much simpler process given that many couples are barely starting to build resources at these ages.

Not just that but the overall debt in this age group is lower than their older peers. This coupled with a fresh start means that a divorce in your 20s only means that you have more time to carve out your new life, find a new partner, etc. 

Complications to Consider for Divorce in Your 20s

While the advantages of divorcing young paint a positive and optimistic image, it’s important to consider the disadvantages and downsides as well. 

One of the biggest disadvantages is the lack of proper or adequate support. For younger divorcees, there can be a lack of proper support due to them being some of the first in their circles to go through a divorce. Friends and relatives might not be as sympathetic and many perceive younger divorcees to have “failed” in some way. For this reason, this group of divorcees may need to be much more proactive or vocal to get the support they need. 

Furthermore, younger divorcees who might have very young children or other family obligations often have less resources than older, more established individuals. If divorce occurs early, one or both of the divorcees might find themselves struggling more now that they have to do it solo. This can cause major hardship or stress not just for the divorcee, but for younger children and other close relatives as well.

Consult with a Family Law Attorney

Having covered some of the pros and cons of getting divorced before 30, it’s important to remember the one golden rule about divorce in CA: always make sure to attain proper legal representation by taking the time to consult with an experienced attorney. 

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