Factors That Affect the Duration of your CA Divorce

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyIt’s not exactly a surprise to hear that divorce is a long, complicated process. After all, the process entails two people separating their lives, household, possessions, and more, often amidst feelings of heartbreak, resentment, and more. Naturally, most people want to wrap the process up as quickly and efficiently as possible.

In addition, efficiency becomes a key factor when it comes to costs and financial hardship. The longer your divorce takes to resolve, the more court fees, attorney fees, and other divorce costs rack up. 

So what exactly impacts the duration of a divorce in CA? Today, we’re looking at a few key factors that shape just how long these proceedings can take.

CA Waiting Period for Divorce

Across the entire state of CA, divorcing couples are expected to wait at least six months before the marriage is formally dissolved. This waiting period begins when one party is served divorce papers, and cannot be sped up or skipped. So, in the case of an amicable, simple divorce, you’re still looking at a minimum of six months before the process can wrap up. 

Child Custody and Visitation Issues

Family law in CA doesn’t automatically favor one parent over another, and child custody or visitation disputes can quickly become long, drawn-out affairs. If you see eye-to-eye with the other parent, a judge still has to review your proposed parenting plan and approve it. If there are disagreements regarding these matters however, you can expect additional lengthy procedures aimed at assessing each parent’s ability to parent. 

The more complicated the dispute and factors a home, the longer it takes for the family law courts to tease out issues regarding child custody and visitation in CA.

Complexity of Asset Division 

The impact that divorce has on one’s financial future can be significant. For divorcing couples who have few to no assets, dividing all shared property and debt could be a quick and seamless process. However, couples who have amassed more assets such as businesses, investments, real estate, and other financial resources can expect a much more complicated and lengthy process. 

It’s important for the courts to assess all properties and assets, as well as try to uncover any hidden resources. Once they’ve assessed this and all other relevant factors, the courts will then try to divide all assets and debts as equitably as possible.  

Consult with a Family Law Attorney in CA Today

These are just some of the biggest factors that can extend or lengthen the duration of your divorce proceedings in CA. While a shorter, more efficient divorce is often the way to go, the lengthy court proceedings in CA do have their purpose whenever there are disagreements involving major aspects of your divorce. 

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