What to Expect During Your Day in the Family Law Courts

Pleasanton CA famiy lawThe thought of going to family court can be mortifying and anxiety-inducing for anyone. This is no surprise, considering that the outcome of your family law case could impact your life and that of your loved ones’ for a very long time. Furthermore, most people don’t spend a lot of time dealing with the courts so the prospect can be very intimidating. 

To help with this, we’re spending time today going over some of the basics and expectations that you’ll want to know as your court dates approach. First, let’s talk about prep leading up to the big day. 

Steps to Prepare for the Hearing

After you file for divorce, the courts won’t immediately dissolve the marriage in most cases. This is especially true if there are any issues or disputes between the parties. It might take months for the courts to schedule you for your divorce hearing. 

In the meantime, the courts can issue temporary orders to help resolve immediate conflicts and disputes. You and the soon-to-be-ex have the option to file Requests for Orders to settle these issues on a more expedited basis. Keep in mind that if relief is granted, this is usually done so on a temporary basis up until the date of your hearing.

As you prep, be sure to gather all relevant documents, materials, and evidence. Ensure that you’ve filed all petitions and legal documents correctly and with all deadlines in mind. The better prepared you are, the more effective you will be at presenting your case to the family law courts in CA.

Courtroom and Trial Expectations

Once you’ve completed as much of the prep work as possible, it’s important to understand how you should conduct yourself and what the courts will expect of you during the hearing. For starters, make sure you dress appropriately in business formal attire. Be respectful of the court’s proceedings and carry yourself as calmly and professionally as possible. 

Remember to refer to the judge as “Your Honor,” and give equal amounts of respect to everybody else in the room no matter the discussion or topic at hand. While its normal to get overwhelmed or stressed, give yourself the chance to slow down and breathe. Judges understand that this is a stressful situation, but they’re less likely to sympathize with any parties who show disrespect to the courtroom or any other involved parties.

Rely on an Experienced Divorce Attorney to Help Before, During, and After Your Hearing

Hopefully this crash course has provided you with the tools that you need to get started. That said, remember that this post is just a starting point. For dedicated legal advice, you need to consult with a qualified family law attorney, someone who can work with you through the entirely of your divorce preparation and proceedings. 

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