Effective Communication Practices During Your California Divorce

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyBy the time you get to the formal divorce proceedings, communications are likely strained between you and the ex. However, the better you are able to communicate with one another, the better the outcome of your divorce. Of course, being on good speaking terms with the ex is a tall order, but you can still follow good habits that encourage effective communication without having to reconcile for good. 

Today’s post goes over some ways you can improve the way you communicate with one another before and during the formal separation and divorce process in California. As always, we welcome any questions you might have, simply call us at 925-271-0999 to speak with our family law experts. 

Keep Your Emotions in Check

You have every right to be upset, especially considering how emotionally challenging divorce can be. However, lashing out in anger or showing clear resentment when you communicate with the ex only further erodes both party’s willingness to cooperate. This is a surefire way to make your divorce proceedings harder than they need to be.

Focus on “I” Statements to Minimize Combativeness

When we focus our statements on others’ actions, it can feel like we are singling them out and accusing them of specific things. One way to help avoid this is by ensuring that your statements center on I. This shows that your statement is based on your experience and your viewpoint, and can help foster empathy among involved parties.

Listen and Reinforce The Fact That You Are Paying Attention

We all do this inadvertently, someone is talking about a problem and our brain focuses on similar experiences we’ve personally had. Eager to share, you may not account for what the other person was truly saying. This also applies during divorce proceedings, where the stakes are much higher of course. Think about the way you respond and ensure you are acknowledging the ex’s points the same way you want him/her to acknowledge yours.

Think About What You Post on Social Media

Social media encourages that you share any thoughts or feelings that come to mind, and it’s only natural that many people use it as a place to vent. However, the social media posts are often shared and re-shared in various ways and things tend to get back to involved parties. Not only that, but you don’t want a judge reciting scalding or hateful comments you may have made about the ex. It’s never a good look.

Talk to a Divorce Attorney Today

Hopefully these tips can help you and the ex work together a little better, which can make resolutions a bit easier to work out. That said, don’t overlook the assistance of an experienced legal professional.

Remember, we at the White Oak Law offer initial consultations. We encourage you to give us a call at your earliest convenience. Call today to book your appointment with a trusted divorce attorney in CA.