Collaborative Law: How This Approach Benefits You During a CA Divorce

Pleasanton CA divorce lawyerDivorce in California, or any other state for that matter, is notorious for being difficult, expensive, and drawn-out. There are a lot of uncontrollable factors that could pile on the difficulties, but there are ways to retain some degree of control over your divorce. Today, we’re looking at one of the most beneficial options in your divorce toolset: a collaborative divorce.

In simple terms, collaborative divorce refers to a form of divorce where both spouses are able and willing to work together. They come to a mutual agreement on key matters such as child custody, visitation, asset/debt division, and most other facets of a California divorce. 

Of course, this option isn’t always viable if or when either spouse is fiercely opposed to collaborating. When possible however, collaborative divorce provides insurmountable benefits. Today’s blog post offers a quick rundown of these key benefits. 

Cost-Effectiveness During your CA Divorce

The average cost of divorce has been on the rise, with this figure currently at around $15,000. That figure could run many times much higher for you depending on your circumstances, any complications that arise, litigation, and more. You can avoid a lot of these complications and unnecessarily drawn out proceedings when you collaborate with the soon-to-be ex. The chances of post-divorce disputes also goes down dramatically as these types of divorces tend to end on more amicable terms.

Healthier and Happier Families

On that note, taking a collaborative approach to your divorce promotes healthier relationships and happiness among all involved parties. Remaining on decent terms with the ex means that your children don’t have to endure any drawn out fighting and the transition to the new life is generally smoother. This also enables both ex-spouses to hash out with and carry out  co-parenting duties.

Control Over Your CA Divorce Outcome

The control that you and the soon-to-be-ex have over your divorce via a collaborative approach cannot be understated. While the family law courts still review all agreements, they’ll generally uphold whatever both parties agree to with minimal intervention. This means that you don’t have to roll the dice via lengthy proceedings with unpredictable outcomes. In addition, alternative options to divorce such as mediation can help keep things under wraps, away from public scrutiny. 

Talk to a Divorce Attorney in California Today

These are just some of the major advantages that you can reap when you collaborate with your spouse on the divorce process. We understand that this is not a universal option for everyone, but recommend that you leverage it when possible. 

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