Ask A California Family Law Attorney: What Is Supervised Visitation?

Pleasanton CA child custodySupervised visitation is an option in cases where there is concern that a parent might act in an inappropriate way or act out in front of his/her child. It serves as a middle ground that allows the parent to retain his/her right to parental visitation while helping address the concerns of the other parents and the courts.

As the name suggests, this type of visitation involves a “supervisor” who watches over the visit. The supervisor is in charge of ensuring that no inappropriate interactions take place, and is also tasked with generating a report that details his/her observations. In California, there are two types of supervised visitations: professionally supervised and non-professional supervised visitation.

Professionally vs Non-professionally Supervised Visitation

Non-professional supervised visitations are a somewhat less formal affair, as the supervisor doesn’t have to be a trained, court-appointed individual. Rather, it can simply be a friend or a relative. This type of supervised visitation can take place in a variety of locations, and parents/supervisors can coordinate as needed without having to get the courts involved.

Professionally supervised visitations require a formally trained third party to act as the supervisor. These visits take place in specifically designated centers, and neither parent interacts with one another as the child is handed off to the supervisor at the center between hand-offs. This arrangement tends to be enforced when domestic violence is involved or a restraining order is at play, or when parents simply cannot interact with one another.

Consult with a California Family Law Attorney

This post provides a brief summary of supervised visitation and how it works in California. Of course, there are always a variety of factors that make each situation unique. For more specific guidance and advice, your best bet is to reach out to a skilled California family law attorney. Call us at the White Oak Law today to schedule a initial consultation.