Protect Yourself and Fight Back Against Dirty Tactics During Your CA Divorce

Pleasanton CA divorce attorneyDivorce is a messy process even when things are relatively amicable among the divorcing couple. Even if you end the marriage on good terms, you may not see eye to eye on matters such as asset division, child custody arrangements, and other key details needed to finalize the divorce. 

Having to navigate these disputes is one thing, but what about when you have to navigate these very same issues when you’re dealing with an ex who refuses to play fair? Today, we’re looking at potential dirty tactics that you need to look out for during your CA divorce as well as covering potential ways to counter these sneaky strategies.

What Are Some Common Dirty Tactics During CA Divorce?

When the soon-to-be-ex decides to engage in bad faith tactics, there are a variety of different strategies that he or she may choose to put you through. These can include:

Stalling tactics: The ex might do things like deliberately avoid filing paperwork, ignoring communications, missing key court appointments, and more to lengthen the divorce, increase costs, or further demoralize you into making things easier for them.

False allegations: The ex might try to make false claims or exaggerations involving domestic abuse, child abuse, drug use, and more. This is often a reaction to potential custody agreements that the other parent might oppose.

Attempts to hide assets: This one is all too-common, one person might underplay their assets in order to try to walk away with a bigger piece of the pie once the divorce is wrapped up.

Attempts to deliberately waste shared assets: A similar approach, but one that is often done out of spite, one partner might try to waste any shared assets such as bank accounts on frivolous things such as trips, restaurants, luxury purchases, and funding for activities with a new partner.

Ways to minimize parental duties or child custody payments: Those who are unhappy with the amount of child support they owe will often try and find as many ways as possible to lower their debt. These can include asking for more parental custody while neglecting the child or having others care for him/her while under this person’s watch.

These are just some small examples as to how the ex might decide to try and play dirty during your divorce. The more creative he or she chooses to be, the more options that become available to them which could quickly spell trouble for your divorce.

How Can I Retaliate Against Dirty Tactics From the Ex

When one person plays dirty, it can be risky to try and retaliate in kind. These choices can have serious consequences, especially if the family law courts accuse you of these unsavory behaviors and weigh them against you in your case.

That said, there is one way to “play dirty” in a way that is safe: with the assistance of a qualified family law attorney. A skilled professional can offer their counsel and help you strategize to stay ahead of these tactics as well as drive the process towards your favor. They can help ensure that what you’re doing is legal, won’t impede with your interests, and above all, is designed specifically to counter any nasty tricks that the ex might try to conjure up. 

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